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Your guide to trading IP rights

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Trading IPR

Here you can read more about why you should trade patents, trademarks, utility models and designs (IPR), the advantages of trading IPR, and which considerations you should make before you start trading.

Entering agreements

Receive general information about entering agreements for trading IPR as well as four standard contracts which you can use as a starting point when trading patents and utility models.


Here you can receive information on the most recognised valuation methods, as well as accessing the IP Evaluation tool free of charge, which gives you an insight into the value of your patents, trademarks and designs.

Trading statistics

Here you can see, among other things, what proportion of Danish businesses trade their rights, which industries trade most and the most normal advantages and barriers to trading rights.

IP Marketplace

IP Marketplace is the place in which buyers and sellers of IP rights are introduced to each other. On IP Marketplace you can find rights that are offered for sale or licence of right. You can also search for rights which you would like to buy or license yourself.