Entering agreements

Before you enter an agreement with another party in regard to buying/selling or licensing, it is important that you have previously agreed the conditions under which the agreement should be entered. In other words, you should enter a written agreement, before any real cooperation is established.

To equip yourself for entering an agreement for trading IP rights, we have gathered some information on agreements, which you can read more about on these pages.

You should however, be aware that information on these pages CANNOT replace professional advice. Therefore, before entering a defined agreement, you should seek professional advice, so that the agreement suits your specific situation.

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In this section you will find:

  • General information on agreements.
  • Information about the choice of agreement. For example, when is a purchase agreement a good idea? And, when is an exclusive licence agreement a good idea?
  • Four standard contracts which you can use as a starting point when you trade patents and utility models.