Commercial exploitation of IPR in Danish businesses

To what extent do businesses work with the commercial exploitation of patents, trademarks, designs and utility models?

In 2010 we posed a number of in-depth questions on the business's commercial exploitation of its IP rights to Danish businesses with patents. Below you can see the statements that the businesses were asked to consider. 

Statement 1: IP rights form part of our business strategy.
bill 1


Statement 2: The business has a strategy for the purchase, sale and licensing of IP rights.nedskrevet strategi for køb og slag(bill2)

Statement 3: The business is assessing whether selling or licensing IP rights can create an income for the business.vurderer om slag, udlicens skaber indtægt(bill3)

Statement 4: The business is assessing whether it could pay to buy or license information in the form of IP rights, rather than developing anything new.
købe,indlicens frem for at udvikle nyt(bill4)

Statement 5: The business has procedures for identifying IPR trading partners.procedurer for at identificere handelspartnere(bill5)

Statement 6: IP rights, which are not used actively or strategically, are sold or licensed, or the business fails to renew them.  
bill 6