Are the individual rights applicable and sufficient?

Before you start the valuation, it is important that you carry out a "mini due diligence" to investigate whether the rights you want to value are applicable and sufficient for the end user's needs. 

Due diligence
An IPR due diligence is a form of investigation that is typically used by investors before any investment is made in rights. However, the investigation is also relevant in many other cases. This gives you a valuable insight into the scope, opportunities and limitations of the rights, and reveals potential pitfalls or deficiencies in the protection.

Carrying out an IPR Due Diligence can take a lot of resources, but a thoroughly completed due diligence can save your company a lot of money and aggravation, as it can reveal serious errors and deficiencies in the right. If you want to buy rights, the investigation will give you the opportunity to detect these errors and deficiencies in time, after which you can cancel the trade or demand a reduction in the price.

Mini-due diligence
A mini-due diligence is less comprehensive and in-depth than a full IPR due diligence investigation. Which questions you need to answer, depends on the type of right, and it is important that you carry out an investigation on all individual rights - also in situations where you want to value a portfolio or similar.

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