IP Evaluation

IP Evaluation - Do you want to know the value of your own rights?
The Danish Patent and Trademark Office has developed the tool IP Evaluation, which you can use to evaluate patents, trademarks and designs when you want to trade these. IP Evaluation is free to use and gives you a report that describes the value of your right using a score and an overview of how you can best increase the value of your rights.

Preparatory work towards setting a price
If your business is relatively inexperienced with valuation you can still use the tool as it leads you through a number of relevant considerations which you should take into account when trading rights. The tool focuses on the general opportunities and risks that are linked to the right, and by asking about specific factors that may affect the value of the right, it gives you an insight in to the right's specific strengths and weaknesses. IP Evaluation is intended to be a preparatory task for the meeting with your IP consultant, in which you go through the results together and find the correct price for your specific right. IP Evaluation has been developed especially for those people who want to trade their rights, although the tool can also be used in other situations, e.g. when your business wants to create a strategy for your rights.

When is it a good idea to use IP Evaluation?
IP Evaluation can be used for both applications and issued/registered rights. IP Evaluation provides an insight into the strengths and weakness of the right, which can be used as an argument for a lower or higher trading price. When trading rights, it is important that you know all benefits and disadvantages of the right.

It is possible to use IP Evaluation for both own rights and rights that you want to buy from others.

Evaluation of own rights
IP Evaluation can be used to rank your business's rights according to the value that they will add to the business from the business's perspective, as the tool gives a score to each right.

Similarly you can use IP Evaluation several times for the same right, but seen from the perspective of different buyers. In this way, you get an indication of which buyer you expect to offer the highest price for the right.

You can also use IP Evaluation to follow the development of the value of a right over time.

Evaluation of other parties' right
If you want to buy rights from others, you can use IP Evaluation to assess the value these will add to your businesses, relative to the rights your business currently holds.

If you do not already own other rights, IP Evaluation can help strengthen your arguments for increasing or reducing price offers in a trade situation.

If you are considering whether you should buy one right as opposed to another, IP Evaluation can be used to rank these rights according to the value that they will add to the business.

The IP Evaluation tool
On the right, you can select the type of right you want to evaluate.