Methods for valuation

When you need to find the value of your business's IP rights, there are two general valuation methods to choose between: The methods which give a score and the methods that give a monetary value.

Assess the value of the right with its score
The methods that give the right a score are called qualitative valuation methods.

These methods are often used in connection with review of your portfolio and knowledge management, for example. The qualitative methods are often used here to rank a number of rights if, for example, you want to clean up your portfolio or want to see, which rights are the most valuable for your business.

The qualitative methods may also be relevant in connection with trading rights - possibly in combination with the methods which give a value in monetary terms. In a trade situation, the qualitative valuation methods provide you with arguments for increasing or reducing the trade price for a right.

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Find the value of the right in monetary terms
These methods give a monetary value to the right and are called quantitative valuation methods.

There are three general quantitative valuation methods for rights: The cost method, the income method and the market method.

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